Fash Mobs! #1

by stylesmith on 07/28/2011

Fash Mobs! is a newly formed fashion production concept driven by street fashion and spontaneity. It brings fashion back to the community in a flash mob style. This pop-up fashion presentation approach is designed to utilize unique public spaces in high-traffic areas to present Los Angeles fashion throughout the city.

For more information on Fash Mobs and its upcoming shows, follow @FashMobs on Twitter.

Fash Mobs #1 Credits:

Swimwear: Cia Maritima, Footwear: Seychelles Shoes, Hair: Works of Art Salon, Make-Up: POP Beauty.

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  1. 07/28/2011Crystal says:

    Great concept and logo!


  2. 07/28/2011Rebecca says:

    This is genius!

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